10 Olympic theme creative DIY-ice sucker torch


More than half of the Tokyo Olympic Games have passed now.

The athletes are very fierce on the court.

We look at it in front of the TV, and we are also very bloody.

Infected by the hard-working spirit of athletes

As if life has become more positive

I hope I can make a handmade article on the Olympic theme.

Today, I specially prepared 10 models

Creative DIY for Olympic theme, play with children

Not only watching TV but also doing manual work to cheer up ~


1 ice sucker torch

At the opening ceremony of each Olympic Games

The climax is always the moment when the torch is lit.

When the fire ignites, it seems to mean that the fire is passed down from generation to generation.

Fire has a very special meaning.

In various legends at home and abroad, there are stories of God stealing fire for human beings.

Now, just follow us

Use the summer popsicle stick to make an Olympic torch

Prepare color paperboard, popsicle sticks, glue, scissors, etc.

Put the popsicle stick together with glue to make the torch handle look like

Cut out the shape of flame on colored paper with scissors

Paste the cut pieces of paper on the popsicle stick in turn

Let several children play with such a torch

I believe it can make them play excitedly for a long time