make a loving animal family with branches

The weather is getting better, and more and more people go out of their homes to go hiking.

While enjoying flowers, you can also pick up some branches, stones, and other things.

A few days ago, we introduced the creative play of stone.

Today, let’s share all kinds of novelty DIY of branches.

Branches are born with the natural smell of trees.

Make branches into home decorations or other handmade works

It will add more log flavor to life.

Follow us to take out tools such as brushes, non-woven fabrics, scissors, etc.

Let’s transform the branches.1 Love animal family

The little animals that love love love always make people unable to refuse.

Whether they are real or all kinds of finished products made by hand

Small animals seem to be born with cute values to make people feel love bubble

To make a loving animal family with branches

After it is finished, it can also be used as a gift for my friends

Prepare dried branches, crayon, glue, Burin, colored paper brush, etc.

Use acrylic paint to paint your favorite color on the branches

You can use little burin to trim the head of the branch into the desired shape.

Use crayons to draw animal features

Cut out little love heart on colored paper and paste on-ear and tail

Kitten, Fox, Piglet, elk, etc.

All kinds of small animals can be made of branches.

After being in an animal family, you can also make fairy tales for them.