craft with paper for kids-lion

Parent-child companionship, not to accompany the child

But through games, handwork, reading and other ways

Come for quality Company

Get to know the world in a fun

The hand puppet is a very good tool for baby

Play the toys on hand while playing role-playing

It can enrich the short accompanying time.

Even years later, children may forget many specific details.

But I still remember deeply that my parents held all kinds of toys in their hands.

To play tigers, rabbits, etc. Remember the laughter at that time.

Today, I specially prepared several hand puppet ideas on Touchbox.

Use them to spend a short Childlife with children with high-quality

craft with paper for kids-lion

Many children have seen the Lion King in their childhood.

Little Simba’s bravery and responsibility

Very positive seeds have been planted in many people’s hearts.

Friends who like lions, don’t miss these finger puppets

Just need to prepare some colored paper, wool, scissors, etc.

You can make a domineering and cute little lion

First, cut out a wafer on colored paper

Cut out the lion’s ears on the same color paper

Cut yellow or orange wool into the same length

Paste it on the wafer paper and paste the moving eye

Draw smiling lips, nose, and other parts with a brush

Then paste the previously cut ears

Paste the finished lion’s head on the wafer body

Finally, use a pressing utensil to make two small holes under the paper

Put your finger into it and move it to play