DIY paper crafts step by step-parrot

DIY paper crafts step by step-parrot

A lovely parrot can be seen in many movies and picture books.

Most of them look smart and noisy.

If you also like birds like parrots

Follow us to make one with colored non-woven cloth

Prepare all kinds of non-woven cloth, scissors, hot glue gun, etc.

First, on the non-woven fabric of your favorite color

Cut out the parrot’s body as shown in the figure.

Then cut out eyes, crowns, wings and other parts respectively.

Paste the cut leaf-shaped non-woven fabric together

As the crown of a parrot

Then learn the creative cut out the colorful wings of the parrot

Paste the prepared frobnitz in the right place.

Finally, paste eyes, small mouth, etc.

Stitch the body together with stitches

You can enter small gloves to play oral games.