DIY crafts with paper easy-Penguin

DIY crafts with paper easy-Penguin

The cute penguin is an animal that many people like.

They are often seen in children’s handmade creations.

Penguin’s natural cute property makes people naturally close

If you usually make a few Penguin puppets to play with children

Can amuse children at once

Now, follow us to prepare black and white cardboard

Make some little penguins and play role-playing

Make Penguin’s body on black cardboard first

Then use pressing utensils on white paper and black paper respectively

Press to press out a few wafers

General Black’s wafer paper is cut half-to-half from the middle.

Stick it on the left and right sides of the penguin body

Paste white in the upper part pieces of paper as belly

Paste the small mouth of the movable eyeballs and penguins

Finally, make two round holes at the bottom to put fingers

Wear it to tell the story seen in the documentary

You can also let children makeup and direct themselves to play a good show.