Christmas Nails 2021 New Design Ideas

There is nothing like giving us a sense of joy in a festive atmosphere, such as putting on some joyful tunes, decorating trees, and wearing comfortable pajamas. But, is there one thing that can really raise the mood of celebration? Manicure yourself at home to commemorate the “best time of the year”. Between all the holiday nail polish colors on the market and holiday symbols, there are plenty of inspirations to learn from.

Therefore, to help you transform your autumn nails into Christmas nails before December 25th, we have compiled 20+ different ideas for Christmas nail art designs, including elevated French tips, Santa-style artwork, Holly accents, snowflakes, string lights, candy canes, reindeer, and more. Moreover, with the help of nail stickers, press-in tools, and templates, even if you don’t have the most stable hand or step on the Holly Happy Punch, these nail ideas can be easily combined.