What is the best free online MBA program I can take?

No online MBA course equals a full-time MBA. The reason is simple. The online programs are good only in terms of theoretical knowledge, and the grill is much less, the seriousness of the course, and the topics are much less. Besides, there is no opportunity to learn the skills at the heart of management education, such as group projects, discussions, outings, exam preparation, strict guidelines, etc. Students learn a lot from these charts, and the same help them become successful in business life. Additionally, the industry is aware of these differences, and as a result, few companies give weight to online MBA programs – they are seen as mere certification programs.

I would suggest that, if you are serious, go to a good business school and pursue an AICTE approved PGDM program with dual specialization, if possible. Pick a B school that will groom you well and charges less. For example, consider ASB Hyderabad / Ashoka Business School. They offer AICTE approved dual specialization courses such as Marketing + Analytics, AI + ML, Finance + Fintech, etc., and charge very little, only around 5.8-6 INR Lakes. The average placement in this college is around 8-9 INR per year. They also prepare students well. Other good B schools would be IISWBM Kolkata, FMS Delhi, ITM Mumbai, etc.

If you really want to do an MBA online, go for the same at IVY League Colleges or the Top 20 Business Schools in the World, not beyond.