Simple Extremely Wonderful Apartment

The black exterior walls of the building are made of galvanized steel, while the bright white interiors provide a blank canvas for the family’s property. The designer said: “The only decorative item is the dark brown shelf on the wall. This is where the people living in this house decorate themselves and show good taste.”

The internal layout is based on the couple’s requirements, with a dedicated area on the ground floor and a larger public area on the second floor.

Due to the client’s interest in the works of British architect Pawson, both levels have the same minimalist aesthetics.

The first floor includes two bathrooms, a master bedroom, and a child’s bedroom. The open staircase is illuminated by skylights and leads to the second floor. Above it is an open-plan living, dining, and kitchen area, with one side “pierced” by the balcony.

Skylights and balconies introduce natural light into the house while maintaining the privacy of customers.