prussian blue mystery for 60m² modern apartment

The case shared today is a 60m² modern apartment. The blue-tone furniture brings depth and personality to the interior that the small apartment can’t resist. The most eye-catching glass wall bedroom partition in the space, the continuous fashion elements fill the connected living space, and the color and wood tone scheme enriches the entire space under the gray tone.The glass function can be said to be an efficient element. The high-energy daylighting refracts light and natural light. The beige curtains pass through the bedroom walls to provide a relatively private and enclosed independent space for the semi-open space when needed. This soft partition Joining is flexible and efficient.

The kitchen brings the calmest blue tone to the interior of the apartment, and the white wall units and white tiles are in sharp contrast with the dark elements. The natural light reflected by the wardrobe creates a great illusion of vision, and the sofa background continues the royal blue to divide the space function with a surround effect.

The modern bathroom dressing table adds warm wood tones to the blue bathroom space. The bold and bright dark blue cubes increase the overall sense of the bathroom and the home. The wooden tiles complement the modern bathroom dressing table.