Is it worth doing an online MBA?

Hi, this is an excellent question because the world is seeing a paradigm shift towards online education, and the MBA is a program that is just right for these circumstances. There are several advantages to pursuing an MBA online.

First, you can access top-quality education at a major university while staying at home. There are considerable savings in terms of hostel fees, food, transportation, and other living expenses. Another advantage is that the adaptation to video conferencing gives you access to the best conferences invited by thought leaders, pioneers, and innovators in the industry.

The graduate online MBA programs are accessible through app-based learning or responsive websites easily accessible on your smartphone. Program modules are organized into interactive, engaging, bite-sized pieces of content. One of the best-designed online MBA programs offered is at Manipal University of Jaipur.

The prestigious Manipal University confers the diploma, and the courses are taught with full professors from the university. They also operate world-class education technology solutions used in the industry for their online degree programs. So check it out.

Many students are concerned about internships which are usually not a priority with online MBAs, but this is not true. A former university such as Manipal has strong ties to industry, and job placement assistance is a natural part of the program.

They provide job placement assistance through organized career fairs and their network of recruiting partners. Second, internships are mandatory, and like any offline program, they will help you gain hands-on experience and improve your odds of closing an opportunity before you pass out.