40m² Ukrainian modern minimalist house

The case shared today is a 40m² Ukrainian modern minimalist house. The designer has demonstrated the multiple possibilities of intelligent buildings in a limited construction area, realizing the spaciousness of the functional living experience.

The original one-room apartment was transformed into a two-room apartment to create a neat and orderly Scandinavian minimalist style space with effective functional partitions. Although the area and proportion of the renovation case are limited, the bedroom, kitchen, dining room, lounge, entrance hall, and study have been divided into multi-functional areas.

The sofas and decorative vases integrate blue elements into the entire space decoration, and the coffee table and books embellishment give the small living room a warm and homey feeling.

The glass partition between the bedroom and the kitchen makes the two spaces spacious and bright, and also plays a decorative role. Thick curtains on the glass wall of the bedroom can be used to protect privacy, while also increasing the soundproofing effect of the kitchen diners.