How to Make a Balcony More convenient

There is only a mini small apartment balcony for the vast majority of small apartments, which is often used for washing and drying functions, plus some storage space. It is convenient. Qijia Xiaocai today shared some design cases of balcony design suitable for a small apartment to everyone. I hope it can be helpful.

Combine the washing machine with the sink, add a hanging cabinet on the top, and a lifting clothes rail. This design is efficient for small apartment balconies.

Because the width of the balcony may not be considered, the sink can usually be designed to be smaller. It is better to choose to customize it. The size bought on the market may not match.

Moreover, the space between the wall cabinet and the washing machine can also be used as a cabinet. At present, most families choose drum washing machines.

It can also be made into the design of high and low countertops. The drop of the countertop depends on the person, which can consider the needs of daily use and is more in line with ergonomics.

After reading the above examples of balcony design suitable for small apartments, do you plan to design your own balcony in this way? Qijia Xiaocai recommends that everyone do the same. The combination of the washing machine, sink, wall cabinet, and clothes rail can also be interspersed with shelves, partitions, etc., to place green plants and commonly used things, which is very practical.