How To Create Modern Victorian Interiors

The case shared today is a 43m² student rental apartment located in Poznan, Poland. The owner’s simple needs need comfortable interior space and a relaxing atmosphere. The modern geometric pattern of the blue carpet brings a pleasant atmosphere to the lounge, while the subtle gray murals add interest to the home working space.

The black floor lamp forms a sharp contour contrast against the white curtains. The oversized black chandelier boldly covers the entire layout, reflecting the black and brisk decoration style, and the oak elements in the interior space enrich the beauty of natural light and shadow.


The L-shaped kitchen is a tranquil blue scene that breaks the gray tones and matches the baby blue chandelier. Outside the corridor, the same tranquil blue paint extends to the entrance.

The small dinner plate is located in a narrow place between the kitchen cupboard and the white retro SMEG refrigerator. It saves space and has excellent movement. The light color maintains a compact layout and a pleasant, open, and relaxed dining atmosphere.