Classy Home Decor Ideas for Candy Colors

The house is located in Taichung, Taiwan, with an indoor area of 60 square meters. There are three permanent residents, a pair of sisters, and a mother.

The 40-year old house has accompanied the growth of the sisters. As the house is getting old and pest problems, the sisters decided to renovate to create a better living environment for the whole family.


Open and bright is the primary goal of transformation:


Change the three bedrooms to two bedrooms, and change the rarely used study room to a brand new bathroom, laundry, and storage space, greatly improving the convenience of life;

At the same time, the open kitchen will increase interactive communication and regain the happiness of cooking.

The family members are all women, unanimously agree that the sweet Nordic style, the color is very different, but they all chose low-saturated colors, even if they are pink, blue, and green, they will not get tired for a long time.


The living room and the master bedroom are swapped. The original living room is changed to a Japanese room, connected to the balcony, with the best light and natural opportunities, as the mother’s bedroom.