Home Decor | 60㎡ Every corner is beautiful

Today, Inspirer introduced a small apartment of 60 square meters. To make the whole layout more livable, the designer re-integrated it after breaking it up.

The tone of the space is soft and quiet to soothe the body and mind. The arc-shaped ceiling design on the side of the entrance and an abstract hanging painting make the door feel very ritual.

The living room uses a soft light gray sofa, a small black round coffee table as a collocation, and a decorative wall lamp with a terrazzo pattern on the sofa’s background makes the space atmosphere very fresh and natural.

There is no TV in the living room of his home. The low TV cabinet is decorated with flowers and plants to make the house more natural. The dining room is round by the window, and the dining table is red.

The dining and kitchen integrated space, using light green cabinet doors and light watermelon red splash plate, the color is gentle and rich in layers.