How to decorate my rental house at less cost?

The entrance is a wide porch. The curved wall on the left is used as a storage and hanging area. A single simple chair can be used as a shoe changing stool.The small window becomes a small porch, which is matched with the decorative painting on the side, and the ceiling is also designed with dimmable and embedded spotlights.

The guest, dining, and kitchen are integrated, the largest area in the whole home. The area between the kitchen and the living room is divided by the island of marble countertops, and the dark gray cabinet color enhances the texture of the space.

The dining area with small round tables is just in front of the large windows.

The wall is painted with a light plaster, and the dark gray sofa becomes the prominent role that suppresses the color of the space. The round mirror and hanging side cabinets next to it make fair use of the corners to improve utilization.

There is also a small cloakroom next to the sofa, which distinguishes the shelves and suspensions and is the home’s primary storage.

The wall of the bathroom is made of large white bricks. Even if it is a dark guard, it is not crowded and dim. The wall-mounted toilet’s false wall has been above the bathroom basin, and the mirror and some aromatherapy accessories are just placed on the countertop.