How to design the kitchen and cloakroom?

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I have been sharing a small home of 30 to 40 square meters. Today I will show you a charming two-bedroom apartment. The kitchen and living room share a spacious space, separated by the island;

In addition to a bedroom, there is a cloakroom that everyone wants.

Open the door, and you can see the spacious hallway. Storage cabinets and display cabinets are placed on both sides, like a small gallery, which leads directly to the kitchen island.

The kitchen island is used as an auxiliary area for preparing meals and a dining area at the same time. It can seat 5-6 people to have a meal at the same time. The island and the kitchen countertop can also lead to a large glass balcony facing southwest.

The living room is a more traditional layout of sofa + coffee table + TV. There are large windows on both sides of the wall. The lighting and ventilation are excellent. The wooden elements are matched with white to create a casual and comfortable atmosphere easily.

The dark blue color of the bedroom wall, matched with the whole carpet on the floor, instantly relaxes the tense nerves after a tiring day;

Then to the super spacious cloakroom, the storage cabinets on the whole wall satisfy storage, and the open wardrobe on the other side makes it easy to find the clothes you want to match at a glance.