Cozy Home Decor Ideas in 2021

A comfortable and cozy home is our yearning for a better life. Share beautiful houses around the world, provide a visual reference for home decoration ideas, inspire different lifestyles, give comfort to the eyes, and most importantly, we can continue to improve our aesthetics and taste. Next, If you like this idea. Do not forget to pin it on your Board~~~

The case shared today is located in London. The original building has a history of 100 years, with a low internal layout and no storage space. The avocado green + pistachio powder color matching, practical design, and a lot of storage space, so the “daily chaos” that the homeowner is worried about will no longer appear.

The designer did not choose the finished furniture but made a “whole house customization” in the form of an MDF storage wall, which can adequately accommodate all homeowners’ items. These storage walls also serve as walls for dividing and constructing spaces. This inspiration comes from the concept proposed by the American architect Louis Kahn on the study of Scottish castles.

The living room uses a pale pink MDF storage wall, the corners are curved as much as possible, and the original wood floor and dark wood old tables and chairs are adapted to space.

The small front hall is covered with avocado green storage walls, the arched porch leads directly to the master bedroom, and the open shelf serves as a bedside table with an emerald green bedside.