Can You Image These Kitchen ONLY 5 ㎡?

There are more and more small apartments, and it is normal for the kitchen area to be less than 5 square meters. The kitchen area is small, and many things are very contradictory. Although open kitchens are becoming more and more popular nowadays, they can solve the small kitchen area’s problem, but not all home kitchens are suitable for open kitchens.

Today, let’s talk about the design points of a kitchen within 5 square meters. The layout of a small kitchen is the most important.

There are essentially only a few kitchen layouts:

Type I is also called a straight type, which is the most space-saving. One wall is used to set up cabinets. The sink, stove, and storage are all on the same horizontal line so that there is a large area for people to walk around and accommodate several people in the kitchen.

However, the straight-line layout may face the embarrassment that the preparation area is too small, so a long and narrow kitchen is more suitable for a straight-line layout.