67㎡Deep Blue Home Decor Ideas

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After the owner and husband got married, they decided to buy the apartment they lived in for a complete renovation.

There were many rooms at first, but there was a lot of space that was not well used. Almost entirely occupied the two western-style rooms. The closed and dark kitchen and the sense of isolation were also areas that the owner wanted to improve.

The room on the west side is a storage door with a large corner window and enjoys a bright and open feeling, so it is changed into a living room, and the kitchen is also merged into the same space.

Worried about insufficient floor height does not appear to be modifying the subject of the ceiling beams.

The western-style room adjacent to the guest restaurant has an interior window, connecting the room naturally. The dark blue is used for the partition wall and interior door. The reason for choosing it is that the owner and his wives like diving and the sea.

The sofa and bed cover are also grouped in similar colors to create a space where you can feel the sea.

The water use area location has also been re-arranged into a simple assembly line, connecting the bathroom, washbasin, and toilet.

By reducing the number of corridors as much as possible and making the living room the center of the whole, there will be no unused space, and can fully utilize the ground.