47㎡ Full of Plants Home Decor Ideas

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This small apartment of 47 square meters, the apartment is long, the kitchen, bedroom, and living room are arranged horizontally in the same direction.

The irregular area on the left side of the entrance hall is designed with a hanging white shoe cabinet, a circular wall mirror, and a coat rack installed on the wall on the other side, which is convenient for hanging cheap clothing.



In the middle of the house is the kitchen area. The wooden countertops are matched with the overall white cabinets, and the wooden floors are all-paved. It is full of warmth. The stainless steel refrigerator adds a modern atmosphere.



The bedroom wall was painted gray, and the bed was compactly laid down next to the window. There was no need for a bedside table. The gray stool could also be used. A chest of drawers could solve the storage of frequently worn clothes.



The living room and dining room are fused. The white open shelf meets storage needs while being breathable and light. The core functional area of the living room is composed of a gray sofa and two single chairs.