Living Room Home Decor and Storage Ideas

Sofa, coffee table, and TV cabinet can be a three-piece set of common living room designs. Many homeowners prefer simpler designs, such as small-sized living rooms, originally small in size, without coffee table and TV cabinet. More spacious. We will share some design cases of TV background wall without a TV cabinet with everyone today; I hope you like it.

Place a wall-mounted TV directly on the TV background wall, and paint your favorite latex paint around it. After the TV cabinet is omitted, the layout of the living room will not be so compact.

If you are worried that the storage is not enough, you can put a small cart, chest of drawers, etc., on the living room side, and you can also match some green plants as decoration, which is not only practical but also beautiful.

Using partitions instead of TV cabinets is the choice of many homeowners. A long partition satisfies our needs for placing set-top boxes and routers, as well as decorations such as hanging pictures and green plants.

Some homeowners choose to replace the TV cabinet with a wall-mounted shelf. The advantage is that it looks lighter, but the storage space is definitely not as large as the TV cabinet, and it will occupy a certain area.

So if your TV background wall is not a load-bearing wall, you can consider taking out an alcove space under the TV for storage. The wires and sockets can be hidden in the alcove.

It is also a good solution to design a small-sized living room TV background wall into a cabinet. The cabinet is flush with the wall, so it looks stronger and doesn’t occupy the living room area.

There are built-in cabinets on both sides of the TV background wall, and an alcove design is also made at the bottom. Such a TV background wall can be very practical ~ it has a lot of storage and does not occupy space.