The Kitchen Decorations Ideas for Open Space

Busy working hours, I want to eat home-cooked food quietly at home on weekends;
Friends have not seen for a long time, and cooking while chatting is also a good way to get together;
Looking at the back of his lover’s cooking, it turns out that he has been deeply loved.
The weather is getting colder and colder. Do you have a feeling that no matter how cold the wind is outside, you want to go home and nest in the corner of the sofa, turn on the air conditioner, and eat a steaming meal?

Does your kitchen make you feel warm and loving? Is it because everyone is cooking while chatting and having fun, or is it that the cook is like being locked up in a small black room, brandishing a spatula, and smelling the smoke?

Today we will talk about the open kitchen.

The so-called open kitchen refers to the clever use of space, closely connecting the practical and beautiful dining table with the kitchen to form an open cooking and dining space.

You can cook in the open kitchen, and you can see in the living room and dining room, and you can chat with your family while cooking food. Many people are always worried that the baby will bump into it, especially when they are cooking. The open kitchen is convenient for you to take care of the baby.

The open kitchen can also connect two relatively independent spaces, the kitchen and the living room so that the decoration styles of the two spaces can be integrated, and the decoration style of the whole home can be unified and coordinated. Because of the lack of partitions, the living room’s brightness becomes larger, more transparent, and sunnier.

So, what kind of home is suitable for an open kitchen?

The following is a typical studio layout, with an area of more than 30 square meters. There is no extra space to separate a separate kitchen. At this time, you might as well try an open kitchen.
The pots, bowls, and kitchen utensils that can be mounted on the wall are connected to the wall. No external wall will not take up too much space. When not cooking, it is integrated with the entire space and saves the trouble of designing a kitchen separately.

The open kitchen must be well ventilated and smoke-free. It is best to have larger windows, which can ensure good ventilation, reduce the smell of indoor oily smoke, and make the indoor light brighter.