Home Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

I believe that everyone is familiar with lofts. Many owners buy lofts because it can provide an extra loft, especially for small apartments. If there is an extra small loft, it can be used for storage or other functions. It will be more practical. What we will share with you today is the storage design of some lofts. I hope it will be helpful to everyone~

Add sliding doors, flat doors, or directly open design, make good use of the attic’s inclination angle and sort the storage so that it looks tidier.

If the space is relatively large, it can be converted into other functional rooms, such as a study room. As long as there is a small window in the attic, and then designed mainly in white, it will be very bright, and it will be quieter to read and study.

The soft light brought by the skylight allows us to have a better state when working and studying. You only need to make good use of the space of less than 5 square meters to enjoy the independent study.

A bedroom is also a place that needs quietness. It is also a good choice to put it in the attic, especially the attic with skylights.

The attic size in each home is different, so when designing, there will definitely be different layouts and structures. What Qijia Xiaocai recommends is to make full use of every inclined corner and wall. Then the windows Venting the surrounding area can bring better light and have the most beautiful small attic, making your home the envy of everyone.