Winter Snow Nails Art Design

Winter is an exciting time of the year. You can already feel the holiday spirit around you. People are starting to set up their Christmas trees, buying gifts for their loved ones, and planning their holiday vacations. Aside from those things, many are also shopping for their holiday outfits. Some are painting their nails with winter-themed nail art designs that are becoming a trend now. If you are looking for a winter nail art design, then you’ve come to the right place.

Glittery Snowflaked Winter Nail Art

There is no doubt that snowflake is a favorite Christmas decoration. May it be for Christmas trees, lanterns, or table napkins. However, snowflakes on nails are also a popular choice. You can paint your nails in midnight blue nail polish and start designing it with snowflakes using silver nail polish. You can also opt to add some glitters to your nails for a more wintery effect.

Glossy Pink, White, and Glittery Purple Winter Snow Nail Art

For women who like to keep it simple, elegant, and professional-looking, you may opt for a simple glossy pink nail polish as your base and use the white color to create any design you like. Sprinkle some glittery purple on it and you’ll get a nice winter snow nail art that goes well with any dress or outfit.

Matte and Rhinestones Winter Nail Art

If you’re not into a glossy nail polish finish, you can always choose to use matte nail polish. To make it a winter design, you can use the colors of winter like different shades of blue, silver, white, and even mauve. To make it extra special, you may add some rhinestones to it. You can either draw on your nails or use nail stickers.

Party Night Winter Nail Art Design

Holidays are meant for crazy party nights with your family and friends. You can channel your wild party-girl side by painting your nails in black with glitters in different colors. You can add some other designs like mistletoe, snowflakes, snows, and other things that represent the holiday season.

White Christmas Tree Winter Nail Art

Keep it simple and chic with a white Christmas themed nail art design. You can either paint your nails white and use other colors like silver or gold to create Pine trees. Or you can paint your nails blue and use white to draw Christmas trees to your nails. Add some glitters to make them stand.