Fabulous Shades of Purple Wedding Color Palette Trends for 2020/2021

Purple signifies devotion, royalty, magic, and mystery, no wonder why many couples choose purple as their wedding color. Aside from its meaning, purple is a beautiful color on its own or when paired with other colors. Purple can even be matched with its other shades like lavender, plum, and lilac. Still can’t decide? Here are some fabulous shades of purple wedding color palette trends to try.

Keep it Light with Lilac and Pink

The combination of lilac and light pink has a sweet and charming effect. It is easy on the eyes and is calming. Your bridesmaids will love to wear this kind of shade for their dress.

Dark is the New Romantic

Some people might find a dark color to be strange or even scary as a wedding motif, but somehow there is also something romantic about it. Shades of plum, wine, and mulberry will fill the room with a romantic ambiance.

Let There Be Light and Dark

Combining light and dark shades of purple is a genius idea. Plus, there are many different options to mix and match. You can match dark purple with lighter shades like rich mauve, lilac, and lavender. You may also try the combinations of old mauve, raspberry, and light purple. The possibilities are endless.

Violet and Gold for A Royalty Vibe

Purple signifies royalty as well as gold, combine both shades and you will get that royalty vibe. Use these palettes on your wedding day and make your royalty dream wedding come to life.

In the Mood for Mauve

Mauve is also a nice theme for a wedding. It is easy to play around with other shades or simply stick with the different shades of mauve. Rich mauve, deep mauve, and opera mauve go well together or mix them with some raspberry and mulberry.