Breathtaking Acrylic or Lucite Wedding Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss

Planning a wedding can sometimes be stressful. With all the different ideas you see from motifs, wedding themes, venues, etc., it is hard to decide which one to choose. Of course, you wouldn’t want the whole setup to be all over the place and look horrible on the wedding day itself. So, why not check out these creative wedding ideas using acrylic and Lucite.

Contemporary Wedding Invitations in Acrylic

Paper is not the only thing where you can print your wedding invitations. In case you are not aware, the acrylic wedding invitation is now a thing. It is perfect if you are planning a modern or contemporary wedding.

Clear Tents for A Clearer View

Instead of using traditional tents, why not use a Lucite tent. Your guests would love to see the clear skies above them while you say your I dos. Easily decorate your Lucite tents with vines or flowers if you plan on having a garden wedding.

Crystal Clear Chairs for A Fairy Tale Like Wedding

Tiffany chair sure looks great at weddings, but it is a thing of the past. If Cinderella has her glass slippers, then why not have glass-like chairs for a change. Your wedding will definitely look like it came out from a fairy tale book.

Acrylic Welcome Signs and Menu Cards

Instead of using boards to welcome your guests, use Lucite materials. It is different, modern, and classy. The same thing with menu cards, instead of printing the menu on cards or board paper, you can have it printed on acrylics.

Tall Glass for Flowers and Candles as Centerpiece

Give your tables a dreamy look by putting candles or flowers in tall glasses. The light from the candles will give a romantic ambiance, which is perfect for the occasion. Fresh or dried flowers will also look better when placed inside a tall glass.