When Is the Best Time to Visit Prague?

When Is the Best Time to Visit Prague? Early snow in Prague | Czech Republic

There is usually some snow in Prague before Christmas and then again in January, February, and even March, but every Prague winter is different. The good news is that January and February are Prague’s least touristy months, so you may be able to book your trip at the last minute and come to Prague during a snowy spell.

As we mention in our Czech Weather section, the weather in Czechia cannot be predicted very far in advance and can vary noticeably from year to year. In general, your best chance of nice weather is in late spring and early fall, i.e. in the second half of May and the months of June and September. The weather is often quite pleasant then, with temperatures in the 20s°C/70s°F, sunny or partly sunny skies, and mild evenings. If you like it hot, you should visit in July and August, Prague’s warmest and statistically driest months. You may also want to consider the daylight hours, which are long in late spring and summer (it stays light till 9 p.m. in May, 10 p.m. in July) and shorter in the fall (8 p.m. in September).