128㎡ Full of the Owner’s Love for Life

Area: 128 square meters

Style: American style

living room


The living room TV wall is attached to a blue wall with flowers, which is matched with a solid wood TV cabinet, giving an overall elegant and dignified visual sense.

The walls and floors are light-colored, and the furniture is reddish-brown. The combination of the whole creates a strong visual impact and leaves a deep impression.

Dining Room

The greenery decoration on the dining table is fresh and elegant, and the octagonal mirror at the rear enhances the grade of the entire space.


U-shaped kitchen with separate operating areas. The overall color scheme is fresh and warm.

Master bedroom


The background wall of the master bedroom is also matched with blue and white walls, showing a more relaxed atmosphere. The American-style large bed is soft and comfortable, and the symmetrical small table lamp design is very delicate.

Children’s room


Alphabet letters on the wall background, fresh colors jumping pattern. The bay window combined with blue and white double curtains makes it warm and comfortable.

Next to the bed, there is a learning world dedicated to children. It is still a strong American style. It is placed against the window, and the lighting and vision are very good.


The study is a combination of tatami, wardrobe, and desk. The bookcase above the desk is a fixed design, with a unique beveled shape, and the top is left with a green plant. The whole is full of fresh and artistic atmosphere.


The classic glass partition door design allows you to easily avoid the troubles caused by humidity. Wall tiles and floor tiles are old, and under the warm light, there is a bit of retro nostalgia.



The balcony is closed as a whole, and the space on the top floor is also made of glass. A lounge chair is placed on the balcony to quietly enjoy afternoon time. Even if it is raining, you can listen to the sound of rain and feel the beauty of nature.