What is travel? This is the real trip!

Why do you want to travel?

As soon as this problem comes out, I believe that everyone will have ripples and drift through a different feeling.

Reading thousands of books and walking thousands of miles is the truth that the ancients told us, but it is not necessarily the real reason for everyone to set out.

What is travel? This is the real trip!!

Some people say that travel is to escape, to avoid some people, some things, some stories, some thoughts.

Some people say that travel is to bid farewell to the past, adjust your mindset, and let yourself start again.

Others say, why do you need to travel, just because you are bored in a city and want to go out and see?

What is travel? This is the real trip!!

I always feel that in my life, I should go out and walk around at a young age to see the outside world.

Taking advantage of your temperament and chicness, and the ability to play with your personality, go to a place where you can become quiet inside, take some beautiful photos that you want to cry, and leave them to the elderly.

So, like many people, we carried our bags and started our journey.

What is travel? This is the real trip!!

But when the trip really started, he found it completely different from his original idea.

Busy streets and lanes every day, eat online red shops, check-in online red spots, take pictures, send a circle of friends, and add a few words of crepe while pressing the “send” button, the body is already going to the next destination Rushed.

Looking at your circle of friends, the footprint is also spread across more than half of the world, but in addition to piles of tourists punching photos, what else have you learned?

This itinerary is like a “catch up”, is it really the trip you want?

What is travel? This is the real trip!!

Many times, we unknowingly give too much definition to travel but ignore the original meaning of travel.

I always want to go to more places in a limited time and get more ostentatious capital. We ca n’t wait to play all over the world at once. Europe ’s 7-day and 5-country tours are considered “not cost-effective”. Enough.

The Louvre Museum, 400,000 items, 6 categories, your 10-day trip to 12 countries in Europe, the Louvre will not give you more than 1 hour, press the shutter button a few times faster, slow legs are enough Last toilet.

What is travel? This is the real trip!!

I thought I went abroad to Europe and took a picture in front of the Louvre. It was a very high-profile trip. As everyone knows, at best, you are just “crashing the trip”, not to mention travel, let alone travel. Already.

After all, travel is all about yourself, not others, and people who are too greedy and too vain will never realize the true meaning of travel.

The most beautiful is not the scenery, but the mood to see the scenery. When you are running around in a hurry, you have lost the meaning of travel.

What is travel? This is the real trip!!

The beauty doesn’t just exist at the destination, it should be on the road.

Traveling is not only to reach, but also to feel those things along the way, those bits and pieces that have happened on this land.

What is travel? This is the real trip!!

No matter how high the place you go, the fancy “catch up” is a very low thing.

On the other hand, even chatting with old aunts in the old lanes in Shanghai and learning to make local snacks would be a pleasant thing.

What is travel? This is the real trip!!

Some people want to travel because they like the feeling of being on the road. They are more willing to stay in an unfamiliar place for a long time, make local friends and integrate into local customs than to prove they have been.

In their eyes, travel is more like a local cultural experience, not how far you have traveled, nor how long you have traveled, but how much you have experienced.

What is travel? This is the real trip!!

Real travel is never a pile of photos and crazy shopping.

It is a process of experience and perception. It regards everything as an experience and an experience in life.

Different from the “catch up” type journey, the real travel will always pass slowly because it is not a hurry to check the sights. It is more important to use the eyes and the mind to remember the journey than to use the lens. Great views.

What is travel? This is the real trip!!

In fact, travel is not complicated. It should be simply going out for a walk. It doesn’t matter where you go. A wide heart is a distance.

Walk as you want, you can stay up all night to watch the streets at four in the morning, or you can wake up to sleep naturally, watch the stars and the sea, watch Yun Cun Yun Shu, where your shadow is, where the sun is.

Abandoning all the mundane things, just need a simple bag and a pure heart, and move towards nature. In beauty, heaven and man are one.

Give yourself a soft time, not too far, not too expensive, go to a quiet place to release yourself and soothe.

What is travel? This is the real trip!!

What is the meaning of travel?

To travel is to leave a place where life is familiar, and then return differently.

To travel is to return to the place of departure and recognize it.

Travel is a point on the map, leaving your footprints, and then slowly remember and taste.

Regarding the meaning of travel, I believe that everyone’s answer is different.

So, what is your answer?