How to Take Care of Succulent in January

January is the coldest season of the year and the month with less light. Therefore, the management of succulents in January should be based on cold protection and increased light.

No matter what type of succulents prefer sufficient sunlight, if there is insufficient light it will grow the plant too long, its plant type will come off, the leaves will become thin and the fleshy stem will be weak, which will cause deformation of the plant. Once this phenomenon occurs, it will be difficult to return to the original state which seriously affects the appearance. This phenomenon is more likely to occur in an environment with high temperatures and insufficient sunlight.

In addition, insufficient light can lead to the weakening of the plant and, in severe cases, rot and death of the plant. Therefore, supplementing the light is the first priority in the management of succulents in January. To borrow a player’s words, “In winter, there is not too much sun for succulents.” The method of light supplementation can be carried out according to different cultural environments. Professional growers have large greenhouses, which have good thermal insulation and good light transmission.

For family farming, plants can be placed in front of the south window or on the closed south balcony. Fans can also build a small greenhouse or a small hot box on the yard or roof. Subject to using natural sunlight as much as possible, if there is not enough light, it is necessary to consider using a plant lamp to supplement the light.