50+ Fairy Veils Make You Want to Get Married Once Again

If you put on your dream wedding dress and marry love, it is the dream of most girls. Then in this dream, there must be a veil! No matter how beautiful the wedding dress is, there is no veil against it, and it will lose a lot of taste.

『Flower Veil』Compared to the traditional veil, the flower veil will look more lively, and there is a natural girly that cannot be masked but I don’t think there are many brides wearing flower veil now?

『Lace & Beaded Veil』 The lace Beaded veil has always been the goddess’ choice, very feminine!

『Pearl & rhinestone』Pearls and rhinestones have a nice embellishment effect on pure white yarn! There is a hint of retro.

『Colorful yarn』If your wedding is lovely, why not try a colorful veil? It will be very lively!

After seeing so many veils, which one is right for you? In fact, the multi-layered veil shows a small face, and the single-layered veil has the effect of lengthening the figure.  Second, choose a style based on your face shape.

Round face: choose a veil to cover your face, so that your face will look smaller.
Heart-shaped face: make the jaw outline look wider, it is best to choose a veil behind.
Oval face: This type of face does not need to be selected deliberately. Adjust the length of the veil according to your height.
Square face: It ’s best to choose a long veil to help soften the contours of the face.
Long face: Do not choose a narrow veil, it will only make your face look longer, choose a slightly wider veil.