Netherlands Doesn’t Want You Call Him Holland

The country “Netherlands” in western Europe that you remember is about to be renamed! Recently, a foreign media published a report that ‘ The Netherlands’ does not want you to call it Holland. It is reported that starting this year, the Dutch government will officially deactivate “Holland” as a national alias and uniformly use the official name “Netherland”.

As if people are used to referring to the whole of England with “England”, “Netherlands” is also a partial term.

The official country name of the Netherlands is the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Dutch language is “Koninkrijk der Nederlanden”, or “Nederlanden” for short. English is “The Kindom of the Netherlands”, referred to as “The Netherlands”. The Dutch “Nederlanden” is translated as “Nederland”, which means “lowland”. It originally referred to the low-lying areas of the Rhine, Maas, Lower Scheldt, and the North Sea coast. At the beginning of the 16th century, the Dutch belonged to Spanish rule due to royal marriage and inheritance.

In foreign languages, the Netherlands is also known as “Holland”, and the Chinese translation of “Netherlands” comes from this. The word “Holland” comes from “Holland” (“The Land of Trees”). Just as people are used to referring to the whole of England with “England”, “Netherlands” is also a partial name. Strictly speaking, it is just one of the 12 provinces of the Netherlands-the Netherlands (later divided into North Holland Province of Amsterdam and South Holland Province including Rotterdam and The Hague). In 1581, with the northern Netherlands as the center, the Dutch people launched an independent movement against Spanish rule. The seven northern provinces united to form the Federal Republic of the Netherlands. Spain officially recognized Dutch independence in 1648. The new republic takes the name of the country “Netherlands” as its official name because of its terrain. Because the Netherlands is at the top of the other six provinces, it has made great achievements in prospering the economy of the nascent country and making it one of the European powers. People use “Netherlands” to represent the country’s name. For a long time, “Holland” has been used to refer to the whole of the Netherlands, and the official website of the Dutch government has also used