100 Ways to Say I Love You

There’s nothing quite like spending quality time with your loved one and thankfully, in this world of smart phone’s, Go Pro’s, Polaroid’s and just about every other type of camera imaginable, we can record those extra special moments whenever we wish! Take a look at this adorable selection of a couple of photos and get some inspiration to start snapping away next time you’re with your partner. Once the moment’s over those pictures will allow you to relive them for a lifetime.

It’s second nature to capture those moments when you’re all dressed up for an event like a wedding or birthday party but don’t forget to capture those times when you’re playing around together too. Like in this photograph, let a friend know you’re about to mess with your partner and let them capture the image for you!

Whether you and your partner are sporty types or you’d just like a new challenge, why not enter a charity race or fun run together! Make sure to capture a super sweet victory image at the end to remember your amazing achievement and the wonderful memory you’ve created together