90+ Best Macrame Planters You Can Buy or DIY

Plants and Macrame go together like white fur blankets and Scandinavian homes. With the reemergence of Boho and trending #plantlady tags, it’s only natural that macramé plant hangers are popping up everywhere. They were big in 2019 and we predict they don’t go away anytime soon.

Macrame is such a beautiful craft that can be the perfect finishing detail to a room and we’ll kickstart your hunt with some of our favorite DIYs and buys. The best part of going the DIY route is the ability to customize any and everything.

Someone wanted the Macrame look but felt daunted by all the different knots. So instead, she cleverly used wooden beads and pared her DIY plant hanger down to just three knots. The other people use wooden beads to incorporate layered texture. This cozy design almost feels like you’re tucking in your plants for a long winter indoors. And, if that helix design to the far right is catching your eye, it’s also in the same listing.