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50 Entryway Mirror Decor Ideas to Make the Space Extra Special

An entryway large enough to be treated as a separate room offers the owner many ways to be creative, especially with his mirrors. Mirrors can be grouped on the wall with works of art and framed as a work of art itself. Frames are traditionally made of fruitwood and hardwood, but can also be made of metal, plastic, glass and other materials, and some can be purchased with matching sconces.

Input mirror ideas easily embrace mirrors with alternative frames. The mirror, which may be small, maybe surrounded by a pleated frame which is in turn surrounded by a frame that resembles this one consists of concentric circles of small cannonballs, Minie balls or stones of different sizes. If the frame is a neutral color.

The frames can be chosen or painted to match or complement the color scheme of the lobby and the mirrors can be of the same style as the furniture that surrounds them. For example, a Louis XV side chair can be associated with a console and a mirror of the same style. On the other hand, the styles can be contrasted, like a mirror in girandole associated with modern furniture dating from the middle of the century. Here are some ideas of entryway mirrors.

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