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Top 20 Inspiring Disney’s Maleficent Quotes

Maleficent faces many internal conflicts throughout the film, as she comes to terms with who she is and what she can offer the world she lives in, even though it has rejected her on multiple occasions and molded her into something ugly.

She sees the true beauty and innocence of humanity in Aurora, instead of the cruelty and greed she has continuously encountered. It is for this reason that true love’s kiss comes from a Fairy Godmother and not a Prince.

This changes a very integral part of the original story as not only does the Prince prove useless in waking Aurora (meaning there’s no need for a man), we now have a very pro-women, feminist ending. (There’s nothing like seeing women helping out other women). With a peck on Aurora’s forehead, Maleficent shows that true love comes in a variety of forms and also from within.

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