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73 DIY Small Christmas Gingerbread House Cookies for Kids

One of the best Christmas family traditions is making gingerbread houses! It’s messy, it’s fun, and everyone had their share of sweets and gingerbread at the end. Here are some gingerbread houses that will inspire you to give you ideas for this Christmas!

You will be surprised what some people can do with a little gingerbread and icing. Some of these creations are incredibly creative and inspiring. If you can make a half-weight gingerbread house, you’ll be able to eliminate all your guests.

You have a lot of choices for painting your gingerbread house. The houses are created out of homemade gingerbread dough, or the gingerbread houses can be created out of chocolate. As soon as your gingerbread house is assembled you can begin decorating with all sorts of candies and colored royal icing!

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