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39 Trendy & Cozy Christmas Bedroom Decorating Ideas,

Fancy getting a little more creative with your Christmas decorations this year? With Pinterest changing its most popular, on-trend Christmas theme weekly, it can be a little overwhelming.

Since it is still a little early, I wanted to ease slowly into our holiday decorating, and the master bedroom seemed like a great place to start. You won’t find a lot of bright reds and greens in my holiday decor, but you will find plenty of soft layers, cozy neutrals, and Christmas spirit sprinkled throughout the house.

We’ve broken it down into our favorite color themes and designs that are easy and fuss-free to transform your home for less.  Make your bedroom is your favorite color theme please follow our ideas.

Trendy & Cozy Christmas Bedroom Decorating Ideas, holiday home decor, #christmas #holidays #christmas decorations

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