Salzkammergut Lake Ideal Holiday Destination

The mountains of the Salzkammergut area overlap and the lakes are dotted. The beautiful natural scenery has attracted countless artists and literati. Nowadays, the fresh air, the crystal clear waters, the scenic spots, and the perfect sports facilities make up the ideal holiday destination.

Among the many attractions in Salzkammergut, the most beautiful are the four great lakes: Lake Traun, Lake Atter, Moon Lake, and Wolfgangsee.

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Lake Traun is a large lake in the easternmost part of the Salzkammergut region, 12 kilometers long and three kilometers wide. On the east bank of Lake Traun is a mountain peak of 1,570 meters. Because of the unique shape of the mountain, it is called “the sleeping beauty of Greece”; there is also a water palace in the center of the lake.

The town of Gmunden on the shores of Lake Traun has a beautiful lakeside street, which offers a panoramic view of Lake Traun. There is also a ceramic clock tower on the lakeside square, which is worth a visit.



Lake Attersee is the largest lake in Salzkammergut and the largest mountain lake in Austria. It is 20 km long, 20 to 30 km wide and 171 m deep. Lake Atter provides excellent conditions for fishing and a variety of water sports such as windsurfing, diving, sailing and water skiing.

The Lake District is an excellent place for sports such as golf, tennis, horse riding and gliders. For the beautiful scenery of Lake Attersee, the best location is Buchberg at the northern end of Lake Attersee.



Moon Lake is the highest temperature lake in the Salzkammergut region. The water temperature in summer is 26 degrees Celsius. It is a good place for swimming and water sports. The Moon Lake is 11 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide. There are two poems with a very poetic name, one called the Dragon Wall and the other called Yangshan.

The steep sheep mountain and the dragon wall and the clear lake form a beautiful picture. Moon Lake, which flows from time to time, is so beautiful that it is like a beautiful oil painting. The clouds on the side of the sky fell on the surface of the water, the yacht slid over the calm lake, and the afterglow of the setting sun in the west reflected the ripples of the lake.

The misty clouds in the Alps and the lovely huts on the lakeside reflect the beauty of the Moon Lake, which is deeply intoxicating. There is also a beautiful town by the Moon Lake, with a beautiful and colorful house, which is beautiful scenery that cannot be missed.



Located in the Wolfgangsee between Upper Austria and Salzburg, it is the most popular destination for tourists in the Salzkammergut region. The Sound of Music, shot in Hollywood in 1965, was shot here. Lake Wolfgang is 10 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide. There are long forest belts and green spaces on the lakeside. The north and northwest are inaccessible because of the steep rock walls. In summer, people can do various water activities on the lake: swimming. Boating, paddling, sailing and water show; the “White Horse Hotel” on the shores of Lake Wolfgang is famous for its operetta.

The most famous town on the shores of Lake Wolfgang is St. Wolfgang. Since the twelfth century, it has been a place for Catholics to pilgrimage. The town is surrounded by blue waves, nestled under the green hills, and opposite to the crystal-clear alpine peaks. On the lakeside path, there are many layers of houses built on the slopes, which are small and exquisite and colorful.

At the end of the trail is St. Wolfgang Church, the most representative building in the town and the center of faith and life for the town’s inhabitants. The quiet and refined, laid-back town of St. Wolfgang is an unforgettable place.