What Plants Can I Grow in a Jar?

Mason jars have been around since the 1800s. Yeah, the 1800s! Well, that may not be so shocking, but they have recently made a comeback in the 21st century and they are also commonly used in the garden. Mason jars of all sizes seem to be the perfect place for some of our favorite plants, but not all plants can be grown there. Yes, I know, obviously you can not grow big plants in tiny Mason jars, but it’s not just about size.

As a general rule, Mason jars have only one entrance and are located at the mouth of the jar. This means that whatever plant you decide to grow in a mason jar, you will not need to be drained of water. Indeed, once you add water, there is no way for any excess water to escape without being naturally absorbed by the plant or evaporated into the air. That’s why you must know for yourself what you can grow in a jar!

Use your mason jars in the garden as storage to store your potting soil or gardening seeds. If you store your seeds in mason jars, be sure you store the jar in a cool, dry and dark place. You can store your mason jar full of soil in your standard gardening storage area.