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2019 Fall Hair Color Trends Chocolate Hair Blends

Depending on the typology of the four seasons suggesting to create your image around a defined color palette that highlights the natural tones of your appearance, women with warm and golden skin, belonging to the type of autumn type, will look great with shades of chocolate hair, wearing a warm red glow. And women with fresh skin tones or olive (summer or winter color types) should try to get deep velvety tones without any warm red tints. Normally, these are shades such as hot chocolate or black.

When it comes to “spring girls” with a light warm skin shade and light blonde or light blonde hair, chocolate shades are not their best choice, as a “spring” face will look like a kind of washed out in a vibrant rich frame.

Chocolate hair blends best with tanned skin and green, hazel or brown eyes. However, keeping in mind the whole variety of chocolate shades, it would be fair to say that almost every woman can choose her most flattering chocolate shade. There are fantastic examples of rich chocolate hairs, complementing fair skin with cool shade and clear blue or blue-gray eyes. These appearances seem very contrasting and catchy, but remember to start with something that is given to you by nature. How to choose the right shade? Seeing the gallery that we have prepared for you can help a