What a Fascinated City Portofino Italy

There is a place where the goddesses love each other, Diana Princess, Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna… they have stopped for it;

There is a place that has fascinated the eyes of countless politicians, members of the Senate, steel kings, and television kings… They have left their hearts here;

There is a place to face the sea and warm dreams, mountains, green shades, bays, sailboats…coming together to form a beautiful and beautiful landscape.

Here is Portofino, Italy, I am here, waiting for a dream to wake up.

The architecture of the town of Portofino is colored, and the blue sea forms a perfect picture. The ancient architecture has a strong sense of history, attracting people to explore. The sea, the sailboats, the green trees, the flowers… all the dreamy elements are gathered in this small town, creating a unique town style.

The welcoming sea and the gentle and quiet town are as incomprehensible but incomparably harmonious. The style of the whole town is bright and beautiful. At least one window in each house here is facing the sea. When the morning sun sweeps into the room, push open the window and watch a snowy month about the sea.

Whenever the bells of the town of Portofino ring, under the “Dang”, people will all look in the same direction. It is a sense of belonging to the soul, arbitrary leisurely contentment. Facing the sea, at the cozy seaside, feel the warm sunshine and sea breeze of the Mediterranean Sea.

The mountains and seas are full of dreams. Along the coastal streets, look for a beautiful peach blossom in the winding alleys. It seems that there is no end of the trail, the extension is always a surprise. Attached to this city, fall in love with this sea, in Portofino, feel the journey of a soul.

Stroll through the town of Portofino, with beautiful views and a trip to the sea. When your footsteps finally decide to make a short stay, check out the small art shops in the town. In the cafe, with three friends, enjoy the espresso of coffee, face the sun, and talk about the past.

Is there anything more happy than this? Portofino is a place that gives people a sense of well-being. In the tranquil environment, you feel the most relaxed life. Everyone’s face has a satisfying smile, and even the surrounding air becomes very sweet.

In Portofino, you can also participate in the most exciting underwater adventures. It is known as the most beautiful diving spot in the Mediterranean. In addition to a variety of marine life, there are many underwater sites waiting for people to explore. If your adventure heart is already ready to go, it is better to walk into Portofino and see the most beautiful scenery when you wake up.