Fairy Tale Town Colmar— Your Romantic Tour Destinations

France is Known as a romantic country. It is a famous tourist country in the world. Many tourists like to travel to France, but unfortunately, many tourists only want to go to Paris, they do not have  any other interest in other cities in France, especially small cities.

To appreciate a country, you have to stay longer. The Colmar in France is a place where French tours must go, and the scenery there is so beautiful.

The town of Colmar is located in Alsace, northeast of France, and is one of the most romantic towns in France. 4. Colmar is a small town with less than 100,000 people.

This small town retains a lot of houses from the 16th century, mostly wooden structures, and the old buildings with delicate flowers are full of rich French town style. From the small bridge by the river, you can see the reflection of buildings and flowers in the water. There are boats passing by from time to time, and the scenery is very beautiful.

The whole small town is simply a big garden. Each street view is like a painting. The house here is colorful, like a fairy tale town. There are many historic buildings and exquisite shops on the streets of the small town. Walking in such a historic block, I really want time to stay and enjoy it.

The French are naturally romantic, the town is full of flowers and plants, the house is also full of flowers, no wonder Colmar can become one of the world’s top ten charming towns. Such a beautiful town, do you want to take a look? Bring someone you like to come here, maybe you will never change your life.