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50+ Most Meaningful Meme in Marvel Movies

Everything I’ve done, everything I’ll do today, everything I’ll ever do, I do to protect this world. […] When I put on this armor, I took on more power than any human was ever intended to have… and maybe more responsibility than my heart can truly bear. But today… I will do my job. I will protect you. No matter what it takes…  Tony Stark

Hope you were watching, Uncle Ben. ‘Cause I did that for you. Kept everyone safe. Kept them from being scared. And I made it fun. It doesn’t matter that most of ’em wouldn’t have lifted a finger for Peter Parker. That’s not why you do it. You do it ’cause it’s the right thing to do. Because it’s what youwould’ve done. You were more than a father to me, Ben Parker. More than a role model… You were my hero. Now it’s my turn. Because from now on, I’m going to be yours! You’ll see. I’m going to give it my all! We’ll have fun! I’ll never quit– –and it’s going to be Amazing!    Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

We must all live in the real world… and sometimes that world can be pretty grim. But it is the [American] Dream… the hope… that makes the reality worth living. In the early 1940’s, I made a personal pledge to uphold the Dream… And as long as the Dream remains even partially unfulfilled, I cannot abandon it!   Captain America 

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