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35 Trendy Short Pixie Haircuts for Different Face Shapes

Have you finally decided to give a short haircut a try? We are so glad! Now there’s just a little detail left that will make you go straight to your hairstylist. Short pixie hairstyles are nearly for every face shape! You don’t have to sit for hours and pick the right style to flatter you most. It will definitely. Find out various ways of styling and do it the best way to compliment you.

Pixie, cute and lively, is one of the most popular short hairs for women. His poetic name reminds people of fairies and elves. Pixie Haircuts offers a variety of opportunities. For round faces, try the pixie with an asymmetrical fringe. They cut your face visually, narrowing it.

You can also try to update your style by introducing brightly colored hair or local highlights. Let’s take a look at some of the successful shots of the most popular haircuts of the 2019.

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