27 DIY Summer Table Decoration For Summer Parties

Summer vacay is knocking the doors, it means schools are out and vacations are in! While fun events, slumber parties, family, and friends get together to fill in our calendars, it’s time to add charm to our house with all things decorative. Add a fresh summer flair and dish out plenty of creativity.

In summers, we all love to stay outdoor – bright sun and the chirping of the birds, then what better than having your meal outside, in your garden or back porch maybe? If you have a theme set up in mind, like blue and white or playful colorful, tablecloth is the most important thing to display, it should be matching to the theme.

When life gives you a lemon, make it a centerpiece! Yes, freshly sliced yellow lemon when placed in a mason jar are as pretty as any floral arrangement. If you don’t have a mason jar handy? Lemons also look pretty in crustal measuring cups.

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