128 Spring Light Color Square Acrylic Nails Designs

If you’re not that confident or ready to take on the more complicated designs then you can always go for the simpler ones. One of those is the double color. You don’t even need a lot of layers for this design; just two. You will only paint two layers on your nails and you are done. Simply pick two nail polish colors of your choice and paint them on your nails side by side.

This gives your nails a variety of color in just one layer. You can choose another pairing of colors for another nail or you can paint your two original colors alternatively on each nail. Then you paint on the top clear coat and you’re done! Simple, easy and fast! Is the spring nail art ideas great? There are more that you can actually do, depending on the level of commitment that you wish to spend on your nails or what you think you can recreate best.

Always remember that practice makes perfect and you can surely paint that dream nail polish design of yours when you have practiced enough and gathered references that you need for the design. Greet the spring with a wonderful new beginning and a new you.

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