60 DIY Unique Wall Clock Designs Ideas

No matter how digital the generation goes, wall clocks are something that never seem to lose their magic. Forming an integral part of an accomplished room decor, a clock must complement the theme of the interior, while being easy-to-comprehend when it comes to checking out the time. And these DIY clock ideas serve the purpose just right!

Everytime you check the time, get reminded of one of your precious memories with that one-of-a-kind photo backdrop behind the numbers. The key is to print your favorite picture with the numbers printed on top – any clock template on the internet comes handy.

Undoubtedly, the most edgy element about this clock is its mountain-inspired shape, and the minimalism with which it has been put together. The below inspiration image you can craft your very own versions of clock, using birch plywood, clock movement kit, pencil, ruler, scroll saw, belt sander, paint, paintbrush, wood glue and drill.

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