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21 Inspirational Quotes for Encourage Your Life

Life is serving you nothing but lemons right now and half of them are rotten. You can’t even make lemonade out of them, let alone take a shot of tequila with them. Damn. Seems to be the story of your life. One crappy thing after another. But I’ve come up with a list of 20 in your face, inspirational, deep, badass and strong women quotes about life that can help us snap out of our misery.

You find yourself absorbed in positive affirmation and deep quotes on FB and Instagram and Pinterest and all other social media sites because, really, that’s where all your answers lie, right? You drown in a sea of rainbows and unicorns, magic and butterflies. Fluff and flowers. Is it helping though? Maybe it’s time for some deep quotes, and slightly in your face, that will shake you up and snap you out of this crap life of yours.